Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Extra Wedding Info

We’re super excited that you are planning on joining us for our special day out where the forest meets the sea. Here are a few more details to help ensure everyone has a great time.  Feel free to contact us at any time with your questions.


    Thursday, June 20 – In the evening, we’re having a BBQ at the Clipper Ship Inn in Pocologan.  A great opportunity to visit with old friends and family and meet new ones.

     Friday, June 21 – 2 pm – Start of the ceremony

                                  3 pm – Maritime party begins (appetizers, drinks,  lobster boil)

                                  6 pm – Dinner (lobster and polish food buffet)

                                  8 pm – Dance

                                  Sunset – Fireworks and s’more bar

      Saturday, June 22 – Brunch for those that are still around.

Location.   Pocologan is a small community on the shores of the Bay of Fundy, 30 minutes from Saint John, NB. The ceremony and reception are at the home of Karen and Jeff Jennings, located on the Bay of Fundy in Pocologan.  There will be a shuttle from the Clipper Ship Inn to their home.

Accommodations.  The best place to stay is at the Clipper Ship Inn in Pocologan.  Contact Rick and Olive Smith 506-755-2211 for rooms.  There is also camping available for those interested.
Clothing and Weather.  We are having a laid-back ceremony and reception, so please wear whatever makes you comfortable, including your shoes (the ceremony will be on a rocky shore).  Lobster will be served at the reception, so some people will be changing out of their ceremony clothes in order to protect them from this sometimes messier meal.  Also note that the weather beside the Bay of Fundy can be cool, we recommend you bring a sweater and/or coat.

Kids.   Your kids are welcome to join us, but please be vigilant for their safety and well-being.  The property is located on a forested acreage and is next to the Bay of Fundy. 

Dogs.   While we love your dogs (and cats), we ask that you please leave that at home or at your accommodations during the ceremony and reception on Friday.

Attractions.  What is there to do when there is no wedding activities for us to attend?  Plenty is the answer.  You can visit the beach or go hiking at New River Provincial Park (~ 5 min east).  You can visit the quaint towns of St. George (~10 min west) or St. Andrews-by-the-Sea (~ 30 min west) for shops and sightseeing (St. Andrews has an awesome aquarium).  The big city in the area is Saint John, the oldest incorporated city in Canada (~30 min east). You can also enjoy the rocky shores around Pocologan and explore the life in the tide pools.

RSVP.  Please confirm by June 1st that you are joining us.  Also let us know if you are attending Thursday’s BBQ and/or Saturday’s Brunch.  We’d also appreciate knowing if you are a vegetarian, don’t eat lobster, or have any other dietary concerns.  Email lbjennings [at] sdci [dot] ca   or call 250-996-2123