Sunday, May 31, 2015

Jennings Crew Visit

We were lucky this past week.  The Jennings Crew decided to brave the wilds of the north and visit us.  After a long car ride from the south, they showed up for lots of fun family activities. 
(Thanks Braden, Mel, Mark, and Sandy for the photos)

We visited the local FSJames farmer's market and enjoyed the bread, beef, pies, lettuce, and cards.

We had many family game nights which included 'In a Pickle' (twice), 'Cards Against Humanity' (not sure it was Mom's favourite), and 'Settlers of Catan'.

Campfire in the back yard.  Mel started the fire with no matches, only a fire striker.  The fire was complete with smokies and s'mores.

Golfing on the FSJames course.  It overlooks the shores of Stuart Lake.  Here's Mom on hole 2.

Lindsay being coached by Dad.  What do I do now?

Dad teeing off on hole 3.  Fore!

And no Jennings crew vacation is complete without some sailing.

The family on Stuart Lake in Lindsay and Mark's new little boat.

Mel learning to sail.  She's a natural.  Welcome to the Jennings Crew.

Braden is once again the deck boy.  Reliving his childhood.

What a great visit.  See you guys soon.