Monday, January 26, 2015

A rainy weekend project

It is raining here in the great white north.  Not a particularly inviting weekend to play outside.  So we decided to tackle an indoor project.  Yes, we have many indoor projects on the go, but why not start a new one that we can finish.  Hopefully one completed home reno will help us to stay motivated and finish the others.

We decided to put 'our own stamp' on the guest room floor. (Geez, I sound like all those people on the HGTV shows... 'our own stamp').   The carpet in this room was oldish (though has been replaced since the house was built) and stained.  Time for some 'wood' laminate flooring, and another Jennings-Pokorski team building exercise.

The original guest room flooring

Cleaning up after ripping out the carpet

Laying the underlay and first board

Flooring is going in

Finished floor

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A great day for a ski

The snow has returned and therefore the time has come to dust off the cross-country skis.  We headed out today to some trails not far from the house and got the first 5.5 km of our "ski 100 km" goal completed.

Mark ready to go.

Along the trail.

No ski trip is complete without a Grandpa Steve photo.