Monday, April 30, 2012

Survival Camp

This past weekend I went to the Pathfinder and Guide survival camp.  While it rained all day, we had fun building shelters and fires.  The Pathfinders built their own shelter and the Guides built one for the leaders (the younger girls went home before dinner).  The Guides must have built our shelter by measuring themselves, it was pretty short so we all had to sleep on an angle.  But it was warm and cozy.  Before the Guides left we built a signal fire and made smoke signals to attract the parents.  It worked because within minutes all the Guides were getting into cars to go home and get dry.  The Pathfinders and leaders hunkered down by the fire and began to dry out once the rain stopped at dinner time.  I must have really thought it was survival camp because I didn't even bring any food.  Luckily, the Guide leader had her husband bring me out dinner and breakfast and other people had enough to share so I didn't starve.  The night cleared right up and we went for a walk to listen for owls after singing around the campfire.  One last snack of cherry pie and then into our sleeping bags in the shelters to sleep.  It was a pretty good sleep too.  We woke up to a sunny morning.  What a great weekend.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day

To all my fellow Earthlings - Happy Earth Day!

What did you do for your home planet this weekend?  Up here at the cabin, we started our garden by planting some seeds in pots and putting them in the greenhouse.  Hopefully that will give them the head start they need so we can have home-grown veggies this summer.  We also joined the garbage clean-up at the historic fort.  We pulled lots of tires and glass off the beach.  There were also a couple of shopping carts. Mark even found a beer bottle with the cap still on.   The waterfront looks much better now. 

The fort last summer

Have a Happy Earth Day - and remember - do something nice for our planet every day.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!

We had a great weekend up here in the great white north.  Braden came up to enjoy it with us.  Sunny weather, great food and drink and fabulous company.  And yes, the easter bunny did find us.

 Braden and Mark looking for eggs.

Here's one.

Here's another.

We found all the treasures.

The easter bunny was good this year.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

How I know it is Spring

Spring is in the air.  We may not have the 28C weather that our friends and family in the east have, but it is spring here too.  How do I know, you ask?  Well....

I can see part of the driveway.  Of course it is mud which means mud is now being tracked into the house.  Definetly a sign of spring.

There is grass around the base of the tree.  

The lake is starting to melt.  Guess we better keep an eye on it so we can bring in the set lines before they float away.

Aren't the mountains beautiful today?

Enjoying the sunshine.

It is spring - the buds are getting closer to opening...   Some of the pussywillows already have. 

There is some green in the grassy patches.  Spring has started.

Our little cabin.  Happy April!

A gorgeous day for the first of the month.

My garden is almost ready for a spring cleaning.

I know it is spring because the new growth of the irises has started.  

Happy Spring, World!