Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Anniversary to the bestest husband

Happy 2nd Anniversary Mark!

Happy Wedding Day

Wedding Day rings

Happy 1st Anniversary
A year later, the story continues....

Happy 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday Arwen! 

A year ago we patiently waited for news about your arrival, while your mom and dad focused on bringing you into the world. 

Your official pregnancy photos.  Your parents are super excited.

And then we got the good news phone call that you had arrived.  And there were fireworks.
Miss Arwen Lena Timms

Grandma and Grandpa were also super excited.  They couldn't wait to meet you.  And they've enjoyed every minute with you since.

Arwen's official baby photos

 You are the family's Jedi princess.

 And no Jedi princess is complete without her Ewok friend.

 We met you in August when you were 6 weeks old.  Mark had a great time hanging out with you once he figured out that you weren't going to break.  He was pointing out the birds and telling you what they were.

 It was your first wedding.  You were great for Uncle Carl and Aunt Ashlee.  You even learned 'Sto Lat'.

 The next time we saw you was Christmas.  You were a lot bigger then. 

 You got to learn all the family traditions, including making perogies with the whole family.

And Grandma made you your special Christmas stocking.

 Lucky girl.

 The third time we saw you was for your Mommy and Daddy's wedding.  You were 10 months old and much more grown up.  It was fun playing on the beach with you.

Have a great 1st birthday special girl.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Weekly Tour of the Pokorski Gardens

The yard is ever changing and the rain this week has helped more new things grow. The lilacs are finished, but other flowers are adding colour to the greens.  We are eating kale, lettuce, peas, huscaps and now radishes and strawberries. 

Nasturtium in the hanging basket

Schizanthus in the hanging basket

Fuchsia daisies

Day lillies

Peonies are getting ready

Schizanthus in the round garden

Both clematises are blooming

Bleeding hearts are still going

Harvest of peas

First of the strawberries
The garden is growing

Nice day to sit on the porch

We painted the doors green

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Weekly Tour of the Pokorski Gardens

We have some new birds visiting the feeder this week, the American goldfinch pair.  Welcome little guys.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Weekly Tour of the Pokorski Gardens

Welcome to our gardens, and there are many.  Last week we had the whole Jennings crew here to help with the gardening/landscaping/yard work.  Thank you guys for all your hard work. We are still in the process of discovering what  secrets these gardens hold and restoring them to their former beauty

Iris along out spring creek
Forget-me-knots with the irises

Someone enjoying the lilacs

The first red strawberry (a wild one)

An interesting flower


Wild rose

Bleeding hearts - my favourite

Rhododendron at the front door

The first of the clematis flowers

The veggie garden

The strawberries are coming

A little snorkeling in Cuba

A month ago we were in Cuba celebrating with the Pokorski family.  And of course we had to get in the water and explore all the super interesting life.  We did some snorkeling around the resort and also went out to the reefs on a catamaran trip.  We saw 5 species of sea urchins, 1 sea star, and 2 species of sea cucumber, plus so much more.  What an amazing ocean.


Sea star washed up on shore

Out at sea on the cat boat

Mark is snorkeling

He's having a great time

Fan coral

Moray eel

Lots and lots of coral

See, he is having fun

Lindsay's back underwater

More coral

Urchin hiding in the coral

Urchin hiding in the sea grass

Little crab in the tide pool

Sunlight + coral = beautiful