Friday, June 29, 2012

Rising water

The water is still coming up.  It is pretty high, but not as high as last year yet.  Though the Fire Chief came down to the property today to check it out. 

I had to take a look at some of last year's pictures to compare.  Since we're using a different ruler on the side of the house this year, I thought it seemed strange that the calculations were saying we're still 20 cm below where we were last year.  After some comparison, I'd say we're more like 5 cm below where we were last year. - different ruler = different measuring point.  So still a few cm to go, but there is still some snow in the mountains. 

 The driveway today.  The water is higher than the last picture I put up.  Last night Mama Duck and her 10 babies came for a swim in the yard.

Walking up the stairs on the front of the porch.

Stepping logs to get on to the porch.  Almost time to set up the ladder like last year.

 The neighbours' places.... note that the docks don't quite reach the land.

The yard.  - great duck swimming pond.

The deep hole.  This is the first spot (not including the forest) that we usually see water.

Our infinity pool....

The water has breached the banks.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Floods and quilts

The water is still coming up in the yard.  But for everyone who listens to the news and hears that the BC interior is flooding bad - don't worry.  That's on the river... we're on the lake.  So the water just comes up slow and steady (for now) at a rate of about 2.5 cm a day. 

  The water on the driveway on Sunday, June 24.
 Water on the driveway Tuesday, June 26.  A little more now... and we have to get on and off by the side since there is water all around the stairs.

 The lake.  Water is high, but that just makes it easier to jump in.

 Gotta wear rubber boots to bbq. 

Elsewhere in the yard.   Haven't seen a duck family move in this year though.

So what to do since it was rainy and wet when I got home from work... well, keep working on the quilt and watch the water on the driveway from the sewing machine.  Today I worked on block 5 and  block 6.  I had already cut all the pieces out for block 5 and sewn the triangles and one quarter together.  But it had been quite a few days since I actually worked on it, so it kinda felt like it was dragging on.  

 Block 5 finally done.  Now the cats won't be sitting on all the pieces.

 Block 6 cut out and ready to be sewn.

Another block 6 cut out and ready to be sewn.  (Yes, that's right.  There are two block 6s.... but I did the math the other day and I need 49 blocks for the whole project.  So there will be lots of duplicates).

The two 6s finished.  Not too bad.

All 7 pieces completed so far.  I'm 1/7 of the way done the blocks.  This is going to be an interesting quilt when it is all done.  Something to keep us cozy when the flood waters get real high.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

In the yard

It's that time of year again.  The time when the gardens are blooming and the yard is flooding.

There is water in the yard.  And no, it didn't rain today.

 54 cm from the floor boards and you need boots to bbq.... yup, it is June.

 The flag garden.  Everything is green and growing.
 The new flag garden plant for this year - Bitter Root
 Hanging baskets are up.
 Perennial garden is growing strong.  But only a couple of iris flowers this year.
  The ellen snail with its pretty pink petunia.
 The flowers along the fence.
 One of the fence bags.
 Snap dragons and marigolds.
  Inside the greenhouse.
 Veggies growing outside the greenhouse.
 The water garden.
 A little piece of home - lupins.

A new planter for this year.

These boots were made for walking.

Today's adventure was buying new boots.  This is a bit of an ordeal for me... I'm not a stereotypical girl when it comes to buying shoes.   We'd discussed my need for new boots for months and I went and tried some on last week by myself.  So we drove to town and I spent almost two hours trying on and thinking about 2 different pairs of boots.  Finally I decided on these ones since they fit like a glove every time I tried them on.


A little walk along Stoney Creek to test out the new boots and find some geocaches.
Mark looking at plants along the trail.

We found it!  Cache number 2 of the day.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Summer

To Everyone,   

Happy Summer!

Summer came in with a blast here.  We celebrated Solstice Wednesday night around a campfire with some friends.  We went over to Mel's house with our neighbour Mike.  She has a secluded beach with a gorgeous view up the lake.  We even had a little renewal ceremony to celebrate the longest day.  It was a fabulous evening with good food, good drinks, good fire and good company.

Thursday was a sunny hot day.  It was also Aboriginal Day.  So we celebrated again with swimming, fire, fishing and fireworks.  

 Swimming, swimming in my swimming pool - er... lake....

  Mark's on top of the world!

 1... 2.... 3.... Jump!

Time for some fishing in the backyard.


(yes, we went fishing, had a fire, ate smokies on a holiday type day and we had no unwanted visitors....  but to be fair, it wasn't a Sunday)

Calm and colourful.

Can't go wrong with purple mountains.

Enjoying the finer things in life.

Great way to end the day.  Fireworks and we don't even have to leave the backyard to see the show.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Blocks 3 and 4.

So on Saturday, the rain paused just after I cut the fabric for blocks 3 and 4.  So I went outside to enjoy the moment of sunshine, take the cats outside and do some knitting. Which changed into a squall line and knitting and feeding the cats.  Which changed into more sun, knitting and cats back outside.  Which ended up in the cats trying to leave the yard - one was successful.  Which led into Mark going to find him and chatting with the landlord around the fire with a beer.  Which led to a cat-fox fight next door. Which led to finding the cat and bringing him home. Which led to me joining the men with drinks around the fire, until the rain started again at 10:30 and we figured we should finally start dinner. 

All that to say that I didn't get the blocks sewn up on Saturday.   But they are now done.  Both blocks are made from triangles. Crazy mom quilts block 3 is a simple pinwheel design and block 4 is a firework type pinwheel.

 Fabric all cut out for blocks 3 and 4 of the quilt for our bedspread.

Block 3 finished :)

Block 4 finished.  Not too bad for my first triangles...

Now on to block 5...... (maybe I better figure out how many I need total....  hmmmm....)