Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stop number 2

LAX. Yes, I've finally made it across the border. It was an early morning, getting up at 3am to make the 6am flight. I even forgot to get my boarding passes from the check-in counter. Just got the tags for my bags and walked away. The attendant came running up behind me with them in his hand. Great way to start. It was busy at the Saint John airport this morning... I've never seen such a line to get through security. But I made it to Montreal with enough time to run through customs and security and even go to the bathroom and do my shoes up. Sorry Grandma, they called my flight before I could phone you, (though it was 7:30 am). I had the emergency exit seat on the flight to LA, so I had lots of room even though the flight was full. I got to watch lots of short Canadian films. We landed in LA and I have lots of time to spare before my next flight (the big one). It kinda feels like Saint John in the summer here - 11C and fog (or is that smog?). Well I best get to work... can't take all day off.

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C said...

heya linds!
is this the big trip to oz? i do not envy you that "big" flight, i can barely stand my long 3 1/2 hour flight from alberta to ontario. can't wait to read about your adventures!