Friday, December 9, 2011

Here Comes Santa Claus....

Tonight was the Fort St. James Santa Claus parade.  It was to start at 7 pm.  So we bundled up and left the cabin, planning on catching the parade at the end of its route just up the street.  But the route was different from last year and we saw the flashing lights of the police cars go by as we walked up the driveway.  So we ran and got to the end of our driveway just in time to see Santa go by.  Luckily, Santa is at the beginning of the FSJ parade, so we didn't miss anything.  We saw the dog sledders go by and the archers, the firetrucks and the local businesses, kids dressed up as penguins and the grinch.  All the floats had lots of Christmas lights - which since it is a night parade, is really all you can see (hence no photos - last year they turned out pretty bad).

There aren't that many houses close together on our street, and I'm guessing most people were standing on the street uptown to watch.  So Mark and I were the only spectators on our corner.  So everyone waved and shouted Merry Christmas to us.  And (Ro - you'd have loved this) they threw us candy.  Lots and lots of candy - and even an invitation to a free pancake breakfast.  I think they were just excited to throw it - it was near the beginning of the route.  But there was no one else around to grab it.  And since it was the end of our driveway we had to pick it all up or we'd drive over it in the morning. 
The candy canes are for you Ro.

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