Saturday, February 8, 2014

Winter in the Fort

Winter is a wonderful season - regardless of all the funky weather this country has had this year.  We've been enjoying the sun and snow around our little cabin.

Today's adventure was a little cross country ski on some of the nearby trails.

Off we go!

A little frosty by the end.

  Of course it isn't really winter with out some set line ice fishing.  This guy made a delicious dinner.

Back in December, when the lake was frozen but not snowy, we skated off into the sunset.

 We even put up Christmas lights on the cabin this year.   Uh, I mean Olympic lights (yes, we are still enjoying the fact they are still up) 

And of course we build snowmen...  not quite the same as last year's Sesame Street characters

Ok, not the same genre as last year at all....
photo courtesy of JJ Baillaut

It is turning out to be a great first winter of marriage around the Fort this year!


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Kris said...

Haha, I love the snowman. A little scary... You guys have so much fun together. Did you see any moose on the Sowchea tracks?

Star Dr. said...

Hey Kris. Nope, no moose. We weren't as lucky as you. Your tracks look super cool today.

Barbara Pokorski said...

Too much fun in Fort St. James...that's a pretty fancy toque, Mark!!! Love Mom and Dad