Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fall has begun

Another wonderful summer has come and gone, full of adventure like no other year.  But now it is fall and the weather is turning cool.  (Cold enough for Mark to ask for a toque and long-johns).  But today is sunny and I'm still planning on sailing the lake this weekend.  Life is good.

Welcome Fall

Part of the harvest

We got to the apples before the bear this year

Still to harvest - kale

and potatoes

Garlic is hanging to dry and keep the vampires off the property

Here's hoping the moose stay out of the garden this fall.
Tomatoes are ripening in the greenhouse

The new cushions for our swing are finished, just in time to enjoy some fall evenings.
Even the bee is enjoying the fall gardens


Kris said...

Your kale and cabbages are super impressive! And is that a bucket of cucumbers? Also, I love your coat hanger. Pure genius!

Barbara Pokorski said...

Wow! Your harvest is bountiful! Wish you could bring some to Ontario with you....