Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sydney and the end of Australia

So I'm down to my last few hours in Australia - which will be spent sleeping and taking the train to the airport. Time has gone by so fast... I spent the last 36 hours wandering around Sydney. Yesterday I walked across the Harbour bridge. It really is an amazing structure - plus it gives some good views of the opera house. And I went to the market in the Rocks (the area right near the bridge). It was a cute little market with lots of local artisans and good food. Today I decided to go geocaching - and now I remember why I don't like geocaching in the city very much... way too many muggles. So after all that I only found one cache. But I got to tour around the botanical gardens (very very cool, especially the rose garden and the herb garden), visit the governor's house and talk to the gate keeper about it, walk through Darling's Harbour (where the aquarium is), walk through Hyde Park and around St. Mary's Cathedral (what a huge building) and eat breakfast in front of town hall (a very old building that is built on a cemetary... they had to move all the bodies - that's a little disturbing, and hard to believe that there wasn't any other place in the city to put a town hall other than on a cemetary). So now I am sitting in McDonalds drinking an iced chocolate (that is fancy McCafé talk for chocolate milk with ice). Now I know I normally avoid McDonald's like the plague, but it has free wireless (and the network at my hostel is down). So this is my last message from the land of Oz. I`ll let you know how New Zealand is soon. Have fun!

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SeeThroughGreen said...

lol just stumbling around and found your blog!! yay!! a new brunswicker! good luck in NZ! man i hope to go some day...good stuff!