Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Great Birthday Road Trip Adventure

October 21
30 years in the making... and I woke up to snow. I've never had snow for my birthday before.

This year I received from Mark a scroll all rolled up and tied with moose leather. Inside it said:

Happy Birthday!!
Yes, this is a birthday scroll,
Please find attached within the roll,
Six clues that your next week entail,
If you can decrypt the trail!

And sure enough there were 6 clues rolled up in the scroll. We packed warm clothes and camp gear and I set about figuring out where the first clue would lead us.

The next series of posts are to share the stories and pictures of the 3761 km Great Birthday Road Trip Adventure.

1 comment:

Peregrine Falcon said...

Such a wonderful birthday present.

I loved reading all about it.