Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fish and Chips for Dinner!

 What better to do on a Sunday afternoon than go ice fishing.  So last week we put everything into the car and drove out the Cunningham Road to Ogston Lake.  Just before we got out there it started to rain.  Boo.  But we thought that it would pass, so we loaded up the sled and strapped on the skies and headed out onto the lake.
 We drilled a couple of holes, but the water was super shallow.  So we put everything back on the sled and headed to the other side of the bay.  We drilled a couple more holes and set up our chairs.  It was still rainy.
 Waiting for the bells to ring in the rain.

Sitting in the rain, which at some points was driving horizontal, eating chips, waiting for the fish to bite.  To top it off, all the clouds were in the way of the great views of the mountains.  Everything was just gray.

 Ok, we've had enough of this.  No fish + rain = unsuccessful fishing trip.  Let's go home.

As Murphy's Law would predict, as soon as we were back in the car driving down the road the clouds parted, the sun came out and we could see the mountains in the rearview mirror.

Ice fishing - Take 2.  Following Sunday (aka today). 

Today we joined our friends Steph and Tue for a great day of ice fishing on Tezzeron Lake.    Tue took the gear out with the snowmobile and the rest of us skied a couple of kms out to the fishing grounds.  Notice the sky - you can see blue.  And there was sun.

 An otter slide track with pine marten footprints in it.  Even the animals love this lake.

 Mark caught a fish as soon as the line went in the water.  It's going to make a yummy dinner (it's cooking as I write this and the smell is delicious).

Actually this fish was caught the second time Mark put a line in this hole.  First he drilled a hole right into the sand, there was no water.  So he drilled this second hole with damaged blades, and it took a lot longer than normal.  But stubborn Mark was determined to finish this hole.  Then he put a line in (also a stick with line and hook and shrimp bait).  A few minutes later Mark asked if I had moved his pole.  I hadn't, but it was gone.  All that was left was a snow print.  So there is a fish swimming around under the ice, dragging a pole with jingle bells.

Tue jigging for fish.  Isn't the scenery  great?
 Steph fishing with their two dogs - Radar and Garm. 
It was a great day, sitting around the campfire, eating chili and cornbread, and chatting.  What a fabulous day.

But now I must go because our fish and chips are cooked and dinner is to be served.

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