Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Caledonia Classic

Yup, that time of year has passed already - The Caledonia Classic Dog Sled Races. 
No, we haven't learned how to mush, but at the end of February Mark and I help out with the races.  They take place here in the fort, starting at the park just around the corner from our house.  Mark is one of the official photographers and I wave the flag to start the race and do other miscellaneous jobs that need being done.   It was a great weekend - a little stormy on Friday, but nice Sat and Sun.  There is a variety of sprint races - 4 dog, 6 dog and 10 dog; a stage race 150 miles over three days; a junior race; a kid and mutt race and a politicians' race.  Here are some photos from the weekend...

Oh, and check out the news report on CKPG-TV.

The stage race is off.

Start of the stage race.

Lindsay holding a dog line while the team gets set up.

Lindsay getting ready to raise the flag.

A couple of dogs getting ready to race.

Lindsay has the flag up... one minute to race time.

And the six dog racers are off.

Mark taking the official pictures.
Dogs heading for the finish line.

A ten dog team coming in.

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