Monday, April 30, 2012

Survival Camp

This past weekend I went to the Pathfinder and Guide survival camp.  While it rained all day, we had fun building shelters and fires.  The Pathfinders built their own shelter and the Guides built one for the leaders (the younger girls went home before dinner).  The Guides must have built our shelter by measuring themselves, it was pretty short so we all had to sleep on an angle.  But it was warm and cozy.  Before the Guides left we built a signal fire and made smoke signals to attract the parents.  It worked because within minutes all the Guides were getting into cars to go home and get dry.  The Pathfinders and leaders hunkered down by the fire and began to dry out once the rain stopped at dinner time.  I must have really thought it was survival camp because I didn't even bring any food.  Luckily, the Guide leader had her husband bring me out dinner and breakfast and other people had enough to share so I didn't starve.  The night cleared right up and we went for a walk to listen for owls after singing around the campfire.  One last snack of cherry pie and then into our sleeping bags in the shelters to sleep.  It was a pretty good sleep too.  We woke up to a sunny morning.  What a great weekend.

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