Sunday, April 1, 2012

How I know it is Spring

Spring is in the air.  We may not have the 28C weather that our friends and family in the east have, but it is spring here too.  How do I know, you ask?  Well....

I can see part of the driveway.  Of course it is mud which means mud is now being tracked into the house.  Definetly a sign of spring.

There is grass around the base of the tree.  

The lake is starting to melt.  Guess we better keep an eye on it so we can bring in the set lines before they float away.

Aren't the mountains beautiful today?

Enjoying the sunshine.

It is spring - the buds are getting closer to opening...   Some of the pussywillows already have. 

There is some green in the grassy patches.  Spring has started.

Our little cabin.  Happy April!

A gorgeous day for the first of the month.

My garden is almost ready for a spring cleaning.

I know it is spring because the new growth of the irises has started.  

Happy Spring, World!

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