Monday, January 12, 2009

International Temperate Reef Symposium - Adelaide (Sunday & Monday)

I arrived in Adelaide kinda tired from staying up the whole night... maybe the one or two hours would have been a good idea??? But I had a few hours at the hostel to relax, have a shower and chill out before heading down to the university to register for yet another conference. I arrive at what I thought was on time... and was the first person to show up. So I was the trial run for checking in, getting my name tag and bag and loading my talk. It wasn't until hours later that I found out Adelaide is actually 30 minutes behind Melbourne... so I had been 30 minutes early for everything. Oh well.... I still got a couple of beers and got to meet a bunch of people. I don't really know anyone here, but that is ok. People are friendly enough.

Monday - (wow that is today.... I've really caught up to myself). First day of presentations. It is strange to listen to presentations on such a wide variety of animals after having heard about only echinoderms for a week. They went well. but the best one was near the end of the day. Ok, I'm being biased again. but my presentation went well today. And now they are both finished, so i can relax and stop practicing at night (You are right, I didn't practice every night). After the day was finished we had drinks in the garden again and I got to talk artificial reefs with one of the prominant researchers... (who's name I had to ask because his name tag had flipped around and I didn't recognize him... if you are going to plan a conference, take the extra time and paper to make the name tags double sided so that you still know who you are talking to when their name tag flips.)

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