Saturday, January 24, 2009

On the road again...

I rented a little black ford. The only problem was the steering wheel was on the wrong side. It took a while before I stopped trying to get in the passenger door. The first thing to do was to get used to driving on the left. So I drove around the city a little bit. Ok, I actually drove around the city because I got lost and couldn't figure out how to leave the city in the direction I wanted to go. After finally finding the right road, a grocery store and the map, I headed out of the city towards Mount Lofty. Now Mount Lofty isn't that far from Adelaide (20 min), but it is where the city folk go to see snow flakes fall from the sky on that odd winter day that it happens. But the cool thing is you can see all of Adelaide from the top of the mountain. Once the group of kids showed up, I decided to head down one of the many trails. Waterfall Gully sounded like a good idea, though I doubted there would be any waterfall since it is the middle of drought season. I didn't realize how steep the downs and ups were on this 3.7 km trail. But the views of the valley were nice. and sure enough, at the end there was a spectacular waterfall. On the way back up (it was 700 m down in 3.7 km) I met a local man who told me about the trail and the sun intensity (all important info). As I sat at the top with my map and icecream trying to figure where else to go on my road trip, I ran into a bunch of people that had been at the conference. even Australia can feel like a small world.

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