Saturday, January 3, 2009


Short answer - I like it.

I've spent the last day and a half wandering around Melbourne and I've decided that I like this city. and I'm not a very city type of girl. Actually to be fair, I think that if I had to pick a city to live in - based only on the city, not where friends, family, jobs are or how much things cost or what country it is, only on the city - I think I'd pick Melbourne. It is a big city, and it has it all. There is a sports district and an arts district and multiple universities. The city is definetly growing, all the old urban industrious brownlands are being tranformed into new parks and buildings. There are multiple green spaces all over the city, some old with big old trees and some still in the process of being built. But one of the coolest things is the old architecture mixed with the new architecture. and many of the modern buildings are quite modern and artsy. It is a very cool mix and the city planners have done it well. I went down to dockland today to find a spot to put dad's boat when we sail here and it is quite amazing what they have done with their old wharfs, where now everything including weddings take place. and it is easy to get around (without a car.... parking is ooober expensive). There are trams, and buses going past every few minutes. There is even a free tourist bus and tram. I took the tram yesterday and the bus today because they talk about the different areas and building in the city as you go around. And they are always pack. (why pay for the other route when the free one is going where you want to go?). There are also lots of good bike routes throughout the city. But on top of that there are signs on the corners that point out which direction points of interest are and the estimated walking time to get there.... it is brilliant. Now I know this city isn't perfect. Nothing ever is. But I must say having only been here 36 hours, I find Melbourne pretty awesome.

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