Sunday, November 6, 2011

Birthday Road Trip Day 3

October 24, 2011
Starting location: Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park


Now that you're getting the hang of this game,
Let's change it up - switch it so it's not the same.
To guess our next destination,
you'll need not much luck,
If instead you see snow where most others buck.

If that's a bit cryptic consider the whole -
we've come this far, where'd you like to go?

mmm.... a tough one. And no dashes to indicate the number of letters. Snow? Buck? Confused. What words go with snow? ice; cold; winter; white.... What words go with buck? deer; hunting; horse... That's it!


Back on the road again. We hadn't driven very far when we found more bison (multiple herds). I guess the sign that said "Bison next 90 km" wasn't lying. Some of these guys were still frosty from the night.

YAY!  We made it to the Yukon-BC border.
Crossed the border again.
 After many kilometres and multiple crossings of the border as we drove down the highway, we finally made it to the official government "Welcome to Yukon" sign.

 We made our way into Watson Lake, Yukon.  And were amazed at the sign post forest.  In 1942, a US army guy, Carl K. Lindley was homesick while working on the Alaskan Highway.  He put up a sign pointing towards his home in Danville, Il.  Since then thousands of people have added their own signs creating this forest. This place is insane.  There are so many signs from everywhere.  (these picture don't do the size of this place justice.)

This one is for you, Grandma.  (It was as close to Mont. St. Hilaire as I could find)

Of course there are a couple of geocaches here.  So we started "Watson the Koala" the travel bug here to celebrate our road trip. What a great place to celebrate a road trip - in a sign post forest. If you come across him, please help him get to Australia.  We're looking forward to reading all about his journeys.

Speaking of signs, people have written their names using rocks all over the banks on the side of the highway.  All natural graffiti.
 On the road again.   And more beautiful, breath-taking views.

Right into Whitehorse.

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