Thursday, November 10, 2011

Birthday Road Trip Day 6

October 27, 2011
Departing location: Whitehorse, Yukon
Clue: (Dad - can you figure this one out? I think you'll like it when you do) 

Warms on a chill day, refreshes when hot,
Smiles all around and a cure for the rots.
Dark it may be, or light if you please,
Guiding a ship through the ocean with ease.

Using the answer to the riddle (which I'm not going to tell you now because I want my dad to think about it for a while), I got the coordinates

N 59o 07.370'
W 129o 49.301'
Which takes us to Cottonwood River. So back into the car and onward we go!

Ok, so it wasn't the world's earliest start. We took the advice of our friend and waited until the morning traffic had finished commuting into Whitehorse and the sun had started to come up, especially since it had snow all night and the roads were a little slick.


What a long gorgeous lake - Teslin Lake.  It is 120 km long and crosses the Yukon - BC border.  We stopped on the Yukon side to enjoy the view (though the mountains are actually in British Columbia).   One of the primary inflows to Teslin Lake is Jennings River. 


Continuing down the Alaskan Highway... into more snow.  Soon we came to the Continental Divide.  If we dropped Ducky to the west of the sign, he'd end up in the Pacific Ocean.  If we dropped Ducky on the east side of the sign, he'd end up going through the hot springs we soaked in and finally out to the Arctic Ocean.  Good thing we didn't drop him.

Back in British Columbia.  And now heading down the Stuart-Cassiar highway on the western side of the province.

A quaint little cemetery nestled in the mountains along the Stuart-Cassiar highway.  (yes, there is a geocache in here.)

In these mountains (the Coastal Mountains), jade can be found.  We stopped at Jade City - a mining operation, carver and store along the highway.  We spent some time admiring all the carvings, including an amazing globe lamp. 

Not much further down the road, we reached our destination - Cottonwood River.  Mark got a few minutes of fishing in before it got too dark.

After a dinner of smokies cooked over the campfire, we crawled into bed .  The end of another great day of exploration.

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