Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Birthday Road Trip Day 5

October 26, 2011
Whitehorse, Yukon

Another day to enjoy this northern city (hence no clue today).

We spent the morning with Mark's buddy, Cam.  He and his wife live slightly out of town on a beautiful property.  We got the grand tour with the dogs after a delicious breakfast .

Afterwards we went to check out the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.  But alas, it is closed on Wednesdays in the winter.  The hot springs were also closed.  So we stopped by the coffee roasting place - Bean North.  They bring in free trade coffee beans and roast them right here in the great white north.  Mark says the coffee is very delicious.  

 Then we went back downtown and had lunch at one of the local hotel restaurants while the snow started to fall.  

One thing I haven't mentioned was how messed up we both were with the photo-period.  We kept getting confused because it was so dark in the morning for so long.  We felt it was 7:30 am when it was really 10 am.  So strange.... 

In the afternoon we decided to check out the local brewery - Yukon Brewing.  We got the grand tour of the making and bottling of the beer.  They also make vodka and whisky.   The still, named Carl, was full of whisky when we walked through.  The whisky won't be for sale until next year after the 3 year aging process is finished.  At the end of the tour we sampled a variety of the beers - all of which were delicious and many are award winning. (sorry, you can't get it out east).

To end the day we headed back to Jamie and Suzanne's and relaxed with them for the evening.  Thanks for having us guys.

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bee said...

haha i cant believe it took me this long to find the comment section...i was like it would be cool if i could leave a note,,,,, i am jealous of the tasting..haha yummy ...also remember when in finland like the sun never went down....