Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shoot, Score, Win!

So our hockey season is almost over.  The last practice is coming up this Wednesday.  And yesterday was our last set of games.  It has been a great season, with a wonderful bunch of ladies.  And it ended with a bang - both for the team and for me personally. 

We played two games yesterday.  The first was against Fraser Lake.  Twice during that game, I had the puck, looked up, saw my open player, made the pass and got it right to her!  I was super excited to complete a pass.  It pays to look.  Head up is one of the things I've been working on all year and it finally paid off. 

I also scored a goal!  (kinda)  Unfortunately the whistle blew just before I hit it in the net, so it didn't actually count.  But I did get the puck in the net.  That's a start!   We won the game 4 - 2.  (and we were missing some of our more talented players).

Second game was against Vanderhoof.  They were back to back games, so we were a little tired going into it.  At the flood after 30 minutes, we were down 1 - 3.  Then we got another goal, 2 - 3.   Then it was my shift.  I was near the net, my teammate passed it around the back of the net as the defender came near her.  I got the puck, turned it and shot it off the goalie's back and into the net.  I SCORED!!!!!   (before the whistle blew)   We were tied with only about 10 minutes to go.  A few minutes later, Mary came out of nowhere and scored the winning goal.  4-3 for us!  We Won!  and I scored the tying goal!  My first hockey goal ever!   

A great way to end the season.

These pictures are from the tournament in Burns Lake in December (2011).  We lost the first few games and then snuck in the back door as fourth place, won the semi-finals and then won the final game and took home the tournament.  Another great weekend with the team.  I'm number 9. 

We even made the local newspaper.

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Anonymous said...

Fuck yah u did!!!!! Don cherry told me to tell u "always keep ur head up kid!" that's so awesome .... Congrats!!!!