Thursday, May 3, 2012

The fox and the coat

While I was sitting at my sewing machine tonight, looking out the front window, I noticed that my down-filled coat was out in the middle of the mud lawn.  The coat was stuffed in it's sack and inside two reused ziplock bags - it's water-proofing from camp this past weekend.  But what it was doing on the other side of the driveway was beyond me.  I had left it on the porch with the rest of my smelly wet camp stuff.  Then I saw the fox come down the drive way and head over to my coat.  It sniffed it, and then peed on it to mark it. Thankfully it was protected by those ziplock bags.  I tried banging on the window, but the fox didn't even look up.  I went outside and 'yelled' at the fox.  The fox walked a few steps and then looked at me.  I went to get my coat and noticed that ziplocks had a lot of chew marks in them.  Like the fox had picked up my stuffed coat in it's mouth and walked off with it.  I was wondering if it thought it was it's baby or something.  Then I noticed the label on the ziplocks I had reused.... Sockeye Salmon......  go figure.

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