Thursday, May 10, 2012

My little guard cat

So we made a little pen in the yard for the cats. (the vet thought Cosmo may be happier if he could fulfill his natural instinct to prowl and hunt without getting hurt).  Today both cats were in the pen when the foxes decided to cross the yard.  Well, Shelby stood looking at the fox and the fox stood looking at her.  They both went up to the fence and started chattering at each other - it wasn't really growling, but it wasn't friendly either.  Cosmo and the second fox were standing off behind their respective partners.  I clapped and shooed the foxes away.  All was good for a few minutes until the foxes decided they still wanted to cross.  They tried giving the pen a wide berth but Shelby went right up to the fence and yattered at them.  The foxes got split, one started to head back to the den and the other was on the side of the yard.  The far one circled around the shed, waiting for his buddy.  Shelby decided they were still a threat and jumped over the pen fence and chased the fox.  I jumped over the fence and chased Shelby.  Luckily she stopped when she got to the edge of our yard.  The fox kept going.  Needless to say, that was the end of the cats' outside time today.  My little guard cat thought she was just keeping us safe.

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