Friday, June 8, 2012

Black Point - Francois Lake

Last Saturday we decided to go for a hike/geocache/fish.  We headed down to Francois Lake (~1 hour from our place) to hike out to Black Point and find a couple of caches on the trail.

Gotta love this time of year - flood season.  Good thing we have a tough little car to get to the trail. 

(PS. the cabin hasn't flooded yet, but the water is still coming up)

Welcome to Black Point Trail.  A nice trail through the woods.  An easy hike, though there is some blown down across the trail from this past winter.

Our new little cabin....  who needs a roof or the fourth wall?

The trail book says to continue along the beach.  They forgot to mention that during flood season there may or may not be a beach.  This is the extra wide area.  At some points we had to time our steps to the waves to try to not get wet.  (Note: I need some more practice at this... or new boots without holes in them).

View down the beach.

Black Point.  Ok, so it isn't the biggest or grandest point, but it was a neat place to visit,  especially on a sunny day.

View up the lake from the point.

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