Sunday, June 7, 2015

A little snorkeling in Cuba

A month ago we were in Cuba celebrating with the Pokorski family.  And of course we had to get in the water and explore all the super interesting life.  We did some snorkeling around the resort and also went out to the reefs on a catamaran trip.  We saw 5 species of sea urchins, 1 sea star, and 2 species of sea cucumber, plus so much more.  What an amazing ocean.


Sea star washed up on shore

Out at sea on the cat boat

Mark is snorkeling

He's having a great time

Fan coral

Moray eel

Lots and lots of coral

See, he is having fun

Lindsay's back underwater

More coral

Urchin hiding in the coral

Urchin hiding in the sea grass

Little crab in the tide pool

Sunlight + coral = beautiful


Kris said...

That's awesome! When I was in Cuba, we saw a few Portuguese Man-of-wars washed up on the beach. :S

Star Dr. said...

Fun. we saw a lion fish, but he was pretty happy in his old tire rim anchor spot and not interested in us.

Barbara Pokorski said...

Pictures are great! Glad you had so much fun! Love Mom and Dad