Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Weekly Tour of the Pokorski Gardens

The yard is ever changing and the rain this week has helped more new things grow. The lilacs are finished, but other flowers are adding colour to the greens.  We are eating kale, lettuce, peas, huscaps and now radishes and strawberries. 

Nasturtium in the hanging basket

Schizanthus in the hanging basket

Fuchsia daisies

Day lillies

Peonies are getting ready

Schizanthus in the round garden

Both clematises are blooming

Bleeding hearts are still going

Harvest of peas

First of the strawberries
The garden is growing

Nice day to sit on the porch

We painted the doors green


Kris said...

What! Your garden looks great! I can't believe you have all those peas already. And I didn't know that your new house is a log cabin too! It looks very cute.

Barbara Pokorski said...

Wow!!! Everything looks amazing! Your vegetable garden is way ahead of ours....kind of jealous. Hard to believe you have such beautiful gardens when you live so far north. Great job! Love Mom and Dad

Barbara Pokorski said...
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