Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday Arwen! 

A year ago we patiently waited for news about your arrival, while your mom and dad focused on bringing you into the world. 

Your official pregnancy photos.  Your parents are super excited.

And then we got the good news phone call that you had arrived.  And there were fireworks.
Miss Arwen Lena Timms

Grandma and Grandpa were also super excited.  They couldn't wait to meet you.  And they've enjoyed every minute with you since.

Arwen's official baby photos

 You are the family's Jedi princess.

 And no Jedi princess is complete without her Ewok friend.

 We met you in August when you were 6 weeks old.  Mark had a great time hanging out with you once he figured out that you weren't going to break.  He was pointing out the birds and telling you what they were.

 It was your first wedding.  You were great for Uncle Carl and Aunt Ashlee.  You even learned 'Sto Lat'.

 The next time we saw you was Christmas.  You were a lot bigger then. 

 You got to learn all the family traditions, including making perogies with the whole family.

And Grandma made you your special Christmas stocking.

 Lucky girl.

 The third time we saw you was for your Mommy and Daddy's wedding.  You were 10 months old and much more grown up.  It was fun playing on the beach with you.

Have a great 1st birthday special girl.

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Barbara Pokorski said...

A wonderful tribute, Lindsay, to a wonderful little girl. She's a real cutie pie with great character. It's hard to believe she is one year old already......
Love Mom and Dad