Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Interestingly creepy twist on childhood story

My favourite story growing up (and still today) is Anne of Green Gables.  I can still remember my dad reading the stories to me when I was a little girl.  My uncle gave me the first three books in a box set one year and I loved reading them.  When my dad and I went to the maritimes to check out universities, he got me the other 5 books in the series.  I read them every year (well, they are in a storage box right now, but I look forward to getting them back one day and sprawling on the grass to revisit Anne's adventures).  I even got the prequel when it came out for the 100th anniversary.  I also enjoyed watching the movies. I taped them off TV one year and watch them every Christmas break (again in storage for now).  Even the commercials are entertaining now (some would be ~ 20 years old).  My brother always hated that I'd take over the tv for an entire day, but he'd watch the scene where Anne falls off the roof over and over again.  I enjoy Anne Shirley's stories so much that sometimes I think of my life in relation to hers....  for example I'm currently in my little house of dreams with my man without kids yet, just like Anne was when she first married Gilbert and they lived on the coast near the lighthouse before they had kids. 

So when my brother saw this article, he sent it to me to read since he knows I like Anne of Green Gables things.  While the article isn't really about Anne, it is about a house across the street from where Anne's creator was born.  (which is about the only tie in, but will always link the two in my mind).  The creepy part is that a bone was found in that house... a 100 year old human bone.  The cool part is that it was from a teaching skeleton.  It kinda links my love for biology and knowledge to my love of Anne. 

Just a little piece of interesting news for the day.


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Kris said...

Ummm, We must be kindred spirits! I too revisit all the Anne books just about every year and compare my life to her different life stages in the books. And I also watch the movies with the old commercials, hehehe, although I did just buy the dvds. Anne is just so great!