Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Camping

What better way to spend St. Patrick's Day than heading out on the lake with a couple of friends to drink green beer.  We went winter camping this past weekend out on Tezzeron Lake.  It was a fantastic time.

 Getting ready to go.  Skimmers are all packed up.   Lucky us, Tue and Steph brought 2 snowmobiles and skimmers.  That meant we didn't have to carry all our stuff on our backs. 

Radar and I decided to go at a slower pace and ski across the lake.  A fantastic day for skiing - perfect weather.  The snow was super fast when we started out.

Skiing across the lake.  Isn't the view wonderful?  The sleds went around the edge of the lake over to the far side, but since the snow was so perfect and we were flying over the top, Radar and I went straight across to cut off a few km.  The snow got a little soft at the end of our journey but we finally caught up with the others at our campsite.  Turns out we missed when the snowmobile burst into flames.  Adventures all around.

Part of the view from our campsite.  Mountains all around.  Not a soul in sight.  Peaceful.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Time for a (green) beer.

Our campsite - the sleeping section.

Our campsite - the living/dining room.
Yes there are three feet walls of snow all around.  The floor is pebbles. 

Hanging out around the fire. 

My Polish Leprechaun.

Here's to you - Shawn, Mel and Ellen C.
Beers and (unrotten) potatoes.

 And of course food.  Smokies go real well with green beer.   Dinner was stuffed mushrooms (Portobello pizzas) and melted brie on toasted bread and plums in port for dessert.  Breakfast was in multiple courses - irish coffees, over-easy eggs, pancakes with plum port syrup, and breakfast sausages. Lunch - ginger-garlic shrimp and chocolate and strawberries.  Not to mention lots of snacks.  Food - what camping is all about.

Mark all ready to go out to the ling lines.  The trout lines were within walking distance from the camp, but since the water was so shallow, the ling lines were far out.  We had multiple fishing lines out all weekend and yet no fish were caught.  (Good thing we had other food).

Good Morning!

I think it snowed last night.

Good morning Lindsay!

 All packed up and going back across the lake.

Heading home.

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Dan said...

What a great time! Love radar too!