Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Summer

To Everyone,   

Happy Summer!

Summer came in with a blast here.  We celebrated Solstice Wednesday night around a campfire with some friends.  We went over to Mel's house with our neighbour Mike.  She has a secluded beach with a gorgeous view up the lake.  We even had a little renewal ceremony to celebrate the longest day.  It was a fabulous evening with good food, good drinks, good fire and good company.

Thursday was a sunny hot day.  It was also Aboriginal Day.  So we celebrated again with swimming, fire, fishing and fireworks.  

 Swimming, swimming in my swimming pool - er... lake....

  Mark's on top of the world!

 1... 2.... 3.... Jump!

Time for some fishing in the backyard.


(yes, we went fishing, had a fire, ate smokies on a holiday type day and we had no unwanted visitors....  but to be fair, it wasn't a Sunday)

Calm and colourful.

Can't go wrong with purple mountains.

Enjoying the finer things in life.

Great way to end the day.  Fireworks and we don't even have to leave the backyard to see the show.

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