Sunday, June 17, 2012

Up, up, up we go....

Another rainy day in Paradise.  Well, we can't stay inside two days in a row.  So what better day to join a couple of friends and hike up Mt. Pope - leaving at 8 am. 

Heading up the trail with Kevin and Ruth.

Kevin was giving a bit of a talk to the PG hiking group, so we started up the trail an hour before them in order to greet them at the top.

 Lots of pretty wild flowers.  Got to love hiking in June :)

Contemplating life at the view point.

Yes, it is raining.  But I'm still smiling.

More pretty flowers.  This trail is neat because the vegetation changes as you hike up.  Awesome.

The fantastic four made it to the top.  With time to spare for a sandwich and coffee.

Lindsay's traditional picture.  Every time we make it to the top, I get my picture taken in this spot.  Only today there is no view...  really there is a lake and mountains out there.

Mark enjoying the summit.

Mark having another cup of coffee while Kevin feeds chocolate covered raspberries to the PG hikers.  One tired hiker thought it was angels when she heard the words chocolate and raspberries. 

Since it was windy, wet and cold at the top, we came down the trail a bit for Kevin's talk about the fur trade and how this peak is like a compass with trade routes going out in all directions.

Time to head back down the trail.

What a view... the sky is clearing and now you can see the lake.

Mark's traditional photo place.  And now the sun is even trying to come out.

What a great hike up and down Mt Pope today.   

And Happy Father's Day!

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