Monday, June 18, 2012

Blocks 3 and 4.

So on Saturday, the rain paused just after I cut the fabric for blocks 3 and 4.  So I went outside to enjoy the moment of sunshine, take the cats outside and do some knitting. Which changed into a squall line and knitting and feeding the cats.  Which changed into more sun, knitting and cats back outside.  Which ended up in the cats trying to leave the yard - one was successful.  Which led into Mark going to find him and chatting with the landlord around the fire with a beer.  Which led to a cat-fox fight next door. Which led to finding the cat and bringing him home. Which led to me joining the men with drinks around the fire, until the rain started again at 10:30 and we figured we should finally start dinner. 

All that to say that I didn't get the blocks sewn up on Saturday.   But they are now done.  Both blocks are made from triangles. Crazy mom quilts block 3 is a simple pinwheel design and block 4 is a firework type pinwheel.

 Fabric all cut out for blocks 3 and 4 of the quilt for our bedspread.

Block 3 finished :)

Block 4 finished.  Not too bad for my first triangles...

Now on to block 5...... (maybe I better figure out how many I need total....  hmmmm....)

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