Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Floods and quilts

The water is still coming up in the yard.  But for everyone who listens to the news and hears that the BC interior is flooding bad - don't worry.  That's on the river... we're on the lake.  So the water just comes up slow and steady (for now) at a rate of about 2.5 cm a day. 

  The water on the driveway on Sunday, June 24.
 Water on the driveway Tuesday, June 26.  A little more now... and we have to get on and off by the side since there is water all around the stairs.

 The lake.  Water is high, but that just makes it easier to jump in.

 Gotta wear rubber boots to bbq. 

Elsewhere in the yard.   Haven't seen a duck family move in this year though.

So what to do since it was rainy and wet when I got home from work... well, keep working on the quilt and watch the water on the driveway from the sewing machine.  Today I worked on block 5 and  block 6.  I had already cut all the pieces out for block 5 and sewn the triangles and one quarter together.  But it had been quite a few days since I actually worked on it, so it kinda felt like it was dragging on.  

 Block 5 finally done.  Now the cats won't be sitting on all the pieces.

 Block 6 cut out and ready to be sewn.

Another block 6 cut out and ready to be sewn.  (Yes, that's right.  There are two block 6s.... but I did the math the other day and I need 49 blocks for the whole project.  So there will be lots of duplicates).

The two 6s finished.  Not too bad.

All 7 pieces completed so far.  I'm 1/7 of the way done the blocks.  This is going to be an interesting quilt when it is all done.  Something to keep us cozy when the flood waters get real high.

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