Saturday, June 16, 2012

A new craft project

Every once in a while I need a new project to keep me going.  This time it is a quilt.  That's right - a quilt.   I know that my family has lots of quilts made by Aunt Hazel et al back when my Grammi was a kid.  And now it is my turn to see if I have any skill at this art.

Quilting?!?  you ask yourself....   What have you gotten yourself into?  Obviously, this lack of sailing and salt water has gone to my head.    Well, remember when I mentioned that I was going rug making this past winter.  Someone in the group heard their co-worker mention that his wife was throwing out lots of material from her quilting studio.  So that someone explained to the wife about our group - how we turn rags into rugs.  So the wife donated all her unwanted material to our rug group.  Some of it was already cut into little pieces that were too small to use for the rugs.  So I grabbed some of them and sewed them together to create a baby quilt.  I enjoyed it.  So I grabbed some more material that matches the decor of our cabin.  Now the plan is to make a quilted duvet cover for our bed (and get an alpaca duvet to go inside).

I've been looking online for ideas.  I really like  'Crazy Mom Quilts' first quilt tutorial.
So here goes big quilt one for me - following the instructions of a Wisconsin lady.

Here's the stash I have to make this quilt out of....  lots of fun patterns and colours.

So today is Crazy Mom quilt week 1 block.  This is a x pattern made out of squares and rectangles.  I chose two of the fabrics from my pile - a deep green with larger outdoorsy images and a tan with small outdoorsy images (two of the fabrics that made me think I should make a quilt for the bed in the cabin in the first place).

All the pieces cut out and ready to sew.

 I'm ready for the first stiches of the big quilt project.

In progress....

The first finished square. :)   Yay!  I am pretty excited.

Well I realize that quilting takes a lot of straight cutting and straight sewing....  and that this isn't my forte.  But I'm pretty happy with square one.  And as I sit here updating the blog, wondering if I should start another square, I hear the rain on the roof and think that, yes, starting the next block is a good idea for a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Time to cut out the pieces for Crazy Mom Quilts Week 2 block.  This is a combination of squares and rectangles that form what kinda looks like a butterfly.

 All the pieces are cut and ready for sewing.....  yes, I know, I need to iron....  I'm definetly not the perfectionist.

All sewn together.  Block 2 done :)   Yay!   I think this is pretty cool.

Both blocks side by side....  hmmm... this may be an interesting quilt....

So as I sew, the sun comes out and I think that I'll go outside as soon as I'm finished this bit.  Then I finish and the rain starts to fall again.  As it is now.  It's only 6 pm on a Saturday night.  It is raining.  I have no evening plans.  And for now, Mark is off with a friend.  So if you add all that up it equals time to start blocks 3 and 4. :)

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Kris said...

Wow! Looks good! I can hardly wait to see squares 3 and 4!!