Friday, June 29, 2012

Rising water

The water is still coming up.  It is pretty high, but not as high as last year yet.  Though the Fire Chief came down to the property today to check it out. 

I had to take a look at some of last year's pictures to compare.  Since we're using a different ruler on the side of the house this year, I thought it seemed strange that the calculations were saying we're still 20 cm below where we were last year.  After some comparison, I'd say we're more like 5 cm below where we were last year. - different ruler = different measuring point.  So still a few cm to go, but there is still some snow in the mountains. 

 The driveway today.  The water is higher than the last picture I put up.  Last night Mama Duck and her 10 babies came for a swim in the yard.

Walking up the stairs on the front of the porch.

Stepping logs to get on to the porch.  Almost time to set up the ladder like last year.

 The neighbours' places.... note that the docks don't quite reach the land.

The yard.  - great duck swimming pond.

The deep hole.  This is the first spot (not including the forest) that we usually see water.

Our infinity pool....

The water has breached the banks.

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Anonymous said... have two extra canadian tire lifejackets for you least you guys arent using a canoe to get to your front door....keep an eye out for mosquito breeding...cbc had an expert on saying that it will be bad ./....haha