Monday, July 2, 2012

Down on the Farm.

This has been a F weekend....   a weekend full of Floods, Flags and Farms.  We've been looking after the animals on the boss's farm; feeding them morning and night.  There is something to be said for farm life :)

 Three little piggies eating all in a row.

Three little piggies eating all in a row.  Oh, and one of the other pigs trying to visit.  There are two groups of pigs - one group (2 pigs) are for show (4H club) and the other group (3 pigs) are for meat.  Two groups = two different diets... but we didn't have to feed the show pigs their complex diet this weekend (involves mixing oils and eggs... etc.).

 See mom, I can take care of pigs :)

Ummmm.... someone is eating my jacket.... 

 Sleeping in on Sunday.  Cozy looking pig.

Mark trying to play soccer with the pig.  Note the pig is going in the opposite direction - towards the water and food.

Here comes the pig!

Pigs and sheep trying to hang out together.

Sheep eating their treat in the barn.  Boss calls this sheep crack.  And they came running across the pastures for it when they heard our car pull into the driveway.

 Mama sheep - Thumper.
Thumper and her baby following me across the field.

 Horses out at pasture.  Daisy, Sadie and ... um.....  I forget... but I called him Brownie.
 Horses running in for their carrots when I called them. (and banged on the carrot bag).

Following me back in the evening.... ok, I do have the bag of carrots.

Having a drink in the night time paddock.

Just comtemplating life.

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Anonymous said...

haha that was prolly the cutest blog of all times..hahah
all those little animals...heheh i know sam will love this post...