Thursday, July 12, 2012

Swimming with Dinosaurs

Welcome to Dinosaurs of BC!

 I couldn't resist taking this photo at the gas station.  The cut-out of the dinosaur accurately indicates what is inside - dead dino remains.  :)

We were in dinosaur country.  Ok, to be fair, this is a relatively new dino country.  (Can you even say that?)  In 2000, a couple of boys were floating down Flatbed Creek on their inner tubes.  They fell off in just the right place because they found dinosaur tracks.  The rest, as they say, is history. 

Well, we wanted to see the dinosaur tracks too.  So after a long day of work, we threw some dinner into our pack and walked down the trail. When we got to the end this is what we saw.

The Flatbed Creek.


Can you see them?

There are just under 200 prints in this rock (the largest collection in BC), though some are faded.

Let me help you....  Here are the local dinosaurs (as depicted on the sign outside the visitor centre).

Theropod, Ankylosaur, Ornithopod.

So, have you found them yet?

Theropod - a fast-running, meat eating dinosaur

Ankylosaur - the armoured dinosaur
Ornithopod - a herbivor.
Walking with the dinosaurs....

See Grandma - dinosaurs!

And after all that - who could resist a nice evening swim beside the tracks.  Especially in the fun rapids.
Weeee..... here we go.

                                                       What a great experience!

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Anonymous said...

IN THE VIDEO YOU SAID MARK IS SWIMMING IN DINO PEE HAHA SO AWESOME....i wish i could drink dino pee....or at least see tracks...