Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Having fun in the yard

It is summer and life is good.  The sun is shining, the plants are growing (well, ok, the ones that weren't drowned in the flood), and the birds are singing.  And we are just enjoying life in our little log cabin.

 The cats out canoeing in the driveway.

Cosmo trying to decide which way to steer the boat.

Cosmo wouldn't walk on the floor of the boat (there was a small puddle of water), he insisted on trying to walk along the gunnels.

Shelby up in the bow looking for an opportunity to jump out.

Mama duck is not impressed with all the comotion in the yard.

Mark taking the cats for a paddle around the driveway.

 "My paddles keen and bright,
flashing with silver,
Swift as a wild goose flight,
Dip dip and swing"

Time for a swim.  Great spot to contemplate the world.
 Life on the lake.

Yoga on Mark's head.

 1.... 2..... 3..... Jump!
 Pretty sweet life.  Can't complain.  (even if the sun is in our eyes)

And for dinner - Wild Sockeye salmon with a honey mustard glaze.   Super Yum!

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Kris said...

Awesome! Man, are you guys ever flooded! I hope it hasn't reached up to the floor of your house!