Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tent Caterpillars Everywhere

This past weekend we went to the city (Prince George) to do some errands.  As we were driving into PG, we noticed that the trees didn't have leaves - and they should on the last day of June.  We started looking for tent caterpillar tents as we'd heard on CBC Daybreak it was a bad year for them.   Later on in the day, we took a walk down a trail (geocaching of course).

 Walking down Route 66 looking for some caches in the rain.

Note the lack of leaves.
 Due to these guys.

Lots of caterpillars everywhere.

What a random thing to find in the middle of the woods.  Even the caches had caterpillars all over them.
 Starting to build a tent.

All sizes hanging out together.

They ate all the leaves and there are so many that they are even building tents in the coniferous trees.
 Building a cocoon.
 They are even on the flowers.

So many caterpillars.  We had to decontaminate a couple of times on our walk.  We had caterpillars on our pants and jackets after looking for caches.  And we definetly didn't want to bring them back to the Fort.  

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