Monday, July 16, 2012

Fishing in Terrace

So what do you do after having been away for work, why you go away for vacation.  We made this past weekend a long one so we could go fishing on the Skeena river around Terrace with our buddy. 

 We left a bit later on Thursday, so instead of arriving on Jay's doorstep at midnight, we camped at the twin falls rec site.  What a view while eating breakfast.

The river is still pretty high, so there aren't too many fishing places yet.  The boys started their fishing at Ferry Island, right in town. 

 A beautiful view on my walk around Ferry Island.

 Location 2:  Take the dirt road at the top of town, cross the traintracks, walk through the forest, cross the back channel and then fish.    Good fishing and great views. (bonus, not many people).

The fishing was good enough, that we came back all three days.  The boys caught lots of Sockeye Salmon.  Strangely, many of them were quited coloured for this time of year and location in the river.  No one is quite sure why.  The coloured ones were released, but we did keep a few silver ones for eating.  I'm looking forward to dinner tonight.

One of Mark's catches.

Both boys have a fish on at the same time...

 Great trip!

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