Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!


I hope everyone is having / had a great time celebrating this amazing nation today.  We are.    The town had a parade.  So we left our flood attending duties and walked up to the end of our driveway to watch it go by (and collect all the candy they threw at us).

 Nice pirate skull instead of a maple leaf.

This one's for you, Mom and Barb.  

What a cool looking machine.

Now that's a Canadian car.

My pathfinder girls in the 1950s

The corner store riding in style.

One of the first nations groups dancing
 to the beating of the drum.

Happy Canada Day.
 Canada at Cottonwood Park.  The place was packed. 
 Eating our butter chicken and listening to the entertainment.

 Carly singing and playing.  She was good.

And still to come - dinner and fireworks.

Dinner was delicious.  We sat around the fire roasting smokies - Bison smokies.  Yes, that's right... not beef, but Bison.  So truely Canadian.

You know you might be in flood conditions when the wake from a boat 2 km offshore washes up into your fire pit.

Just before 11 pm we headed over to the neighbour's yard to watch the fireworks.  Well, I had to carry Mark because the water was too deep for the boots he was wearing (he wanted dry feet and his rubberboots were already wet inside).  We even took our chairs this time.   The first few fireworks were beautiful.  Then, a few minutes into the show, there was one that seemed remarkably close to the ground.  Another two or three in the air and then a pause.  At first we didn't think anything of it.  A pause is normal as they set up for the next explosion.  But this pause just kept going and going.  And then sirens, flashing lights and emergency vehicles.  Other fireworks were being shot off from people's backyards, but no more from the town's show.  So we came home.  The next morning we read in the local paper that two volunteer firefighters had been injured when something went wrong with the fireworks.     Not a good way to end a great day :(

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Kris said...

Oh no! I wondered if something had gone wrong with the fireworks. I only heard a couple explosions and that was it... Too bad!