Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We are an Island

Now that it is July, we thought we'd be in the clear.  But no.  The water is still rising.

The water had been holding fairly constant and we were hopeful for a peak and retreat.  Then on Saturday June 30, the water came up over 8 cm.  The River Forecast center put out an advisory to expect another 10-20 cm over the next 2 weeks.  July 2 that was updated to Flood Watch - 8 - 20 cm over the next 10 days.  

On June 21, I drew a 'ruler' on the side of the house measuring the distance to the floor boards so we could have a measurement of how the water was rising.

Today we are 26 cm from the floor boards.  Our cabin is an island and our property is a lake.   The cats aren't impressed that they can't get off the porch.  But we're having fun in our rubberboots.

 Shelby trying to figure out how to get to dry land. 

My cucumber plants are underwater. We may not be pickling this year.

Our little breakwall.  Now before you start laughing, it served it's purpose - to stop some of the wave action pushing water further up the property towards the cabin.  At least it did until the landlord drove over it with his truck and the water came up another 4 cm.
 Oh, did I mention it is also cottonwood seed season (aka. fluff time).  So now there is wet fluff everywhere.
 Hanging the laundry over the flood waters.  Note - this is two days ago, the water has come up another 4 cm since this picture, so I'd now be standing in water over my toes.

Mark picking up the floating debris and having some fun wading in the yard.

Mama duck and her 10 babies out for a swim.
 The new parking spot and an underwater garden.  We'll see how many flowers we get later in the summer.

The driveway is completely flooded... not even a tiny island remains.  This is definetly higher than last year.

The ladder used to provide a dry way to get on and off the porch, but no more.  Please bring your rubber boots if you visit this week.

 Our island home.  I've always wanted waterfront property :)

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Kevin said...

Wow! That is amazing! I hope you don't get washed away! Good luck!