Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit Day 3:Paddling Towards Big Big Mountains

Today's Travels: Isaac Lake - Isaac River - McLeary Lake

Km Paddled: 15             Km Portaged:  2.2                 Total Km traveled: 57.4

The fish jumped all night.  The loons called throughout breakfast.  We are out in the wilderness and haven't seen anyone else in three days. Life is pretty fantastic.

The wisps of fog lifted and the calm waters were inviting.

We loaded into the canoe and started the 14 km paddle towards the end of Isaac Lake.

There were mountains on all sides of us.  Their white peaks rising towards the sky.

Paddling along. 

The mountains in front of us rose bigger as the hours passed.

We listened to the water falls along both sides of the lake, as the snow melt came down from the peaks.

Still heading towards the big mountains.  Who can complain with such a view in front of us.

Yup, there are still mountains on all sides.

So gorgeous.

We reached the end of the lake around lunch time.  We sat on the beach looking back up the lake.  It was such a beautiful lake and surrounds.  And we were lucky that it was so calm for us.  But onward we go...  to what adventures, no one knows.

At the end of Isaac Lake, next to the part of the river that is called "The Chute", is a beautiful new shelter, complete with picnic tables and a wood stove.  There are four of these shelters throughout the circuit.  This is the second one.  We signed the log book and learned that there were some people from Washington state about two days ahead of us.

Since the shelter is to be kept in good condition, the park erected a carving post, where people can engrave their names.

Who could resist?

We decided to portage around "The Chute".  The Chute is 400 m of faster water.  There is a pullout further down the portage for those who paddle The Chute. While this may have been a good decision based on the time of year and temperature, we plan on paddling it next time. 
The brochure said this was suppose to be a 2.8 km portage - the longest on the circuit.  However, what they forgot to mention is that you walk about 1.8 km then you need to get back in the water and paddle about 600 m in the middle.   

The rest of the portage (~400 m) is on the other side of Isaac River.  Don't forget to pull out at the log jam. 

The log jam!

Remember - Don't paddle past the log jam!


Oh, you mean this is the waterfall we need to portage around?
But it is only 11 m.


It really was a beautiful portage.  Old Growth hemlocks and lots of green, green moss.
(A pretty steep hill down into McLeary Lake though...)

Welcome to McLeary Lake!
Portages are done for the day.  Back to enjoying the paddle without any worries about waterfalls up ahead.

There's our cute little resting spot for the night. 

There are little cabins throughout the circuit for emergencies and drying out.  Each cabin has a wood stove and a bunk-bed and table.  As long as you are willing to share as needed, you are welcome to stay over.

Here we are.  Our little 'Home Sweet Home' for the night.

Good Night and Sleep Tight!

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