Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Grandma - Mrs. Vivan Bryan

Hi Grandma,

It's Lindsay.  I'm just calling to say hi. 
It's been a normal Bryan Thanksgiving weekend in that it has been full of memories and connectedness.  While this year doesn't entail everyone gathered around a poster board covered in old photos guessing who and when it is… with Francois getting the most right answers, it has involved many photos being sent through cyber space to us all and memories being shared.  Well Grandma, I'd like to share some of my favourite memories….

The house in Mt. St. Hilaire was a treasured spot of my childhood.  It was here that we ate off the Enie-Menie-Minie-Mo dishes and sat on the high pink chair with the step.  It was here that we ate at the kids table, washed the dishes by hand, and climbed the tree in the yard. It was at your house, Grandma, that we dressed Barbie up in the most amazing clothes made by Nannie and drew with the skinny crayons, you even had the colours silver and gold.  It was in your car that I got to chew gum, which somehow fell out of my mouth and ended up gluing myself to the seatbelt.  It was in Mt. St. Hilaire that I locked the bathroom door and closed it with no one inside, just to see what would happen - mechanically.  It was also in that bathroom that I lost the quarter I swallowed when I was practicing being a cool five-year old.  It was that house that had the couch, we all remember the couch and being lined up oldest to youngest for pictures.

Grandma, you were the one who always sent us crisp, new $5 bills in our cards.  You were the one with all our pictures lined up on the buffet cabinet among the amethysts and pinecones.  Grandma, you took us out for lunch at the Zellers restaurant. You lead all our crazy Thanksgivings, from the Christmas celebrations to the bizarre themes.  It was at these holidays that I learned more about you, that you were a basketball player.  You always took the train to come visit us.  You supported us all and you even made it to all my graduations, and heaven knows there were many.

And Grandma, my most recent favourite memory is of you dancing all night at my wedding, not wanting to miss a moment of the action.  It was super special that you came to support Mark and me.  I will always remember the smile on your face that day.   The Calla Lilly flower will remind me of you forevermore.

You have four amazing daughters and six awesome grandchildren.  Although you'll never meet your great-grandchildren, your legacy will be passed on.  Grandma, you are amazing and we are so lucky we all got to spend so much quality time with you, regardless of where we lived.

I love you.

Bye for now.

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