Friday, October 25, 2013

Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit Day 6: Over the Beaver Dam

Today's Travels: Babcock Lake - Portage - Skoi Lake - Portage - Spectacle/Swan Lake

Km Paddled: 16.4                   Km Portaged: 0.8                Total Km Traveled: 106.4

Another super foggy morning.  We could hear the birds on the lake splashing around.

We decided that since this was a little lake, the weather was calm, we didn't know the status of the grizzly bear and we had a GPS, that we'd head out across Babcock Lake, regardless of the fog.

After an 2.8 km paddle, we got to the first portage.  There were grizzly tracks in the sand here as well, so off we headed down the 400 m trail.

The second lake was calm and foggy as well.  The eagle flew by as we set out across the 800 m Skoi Lake.

The start of the second portage of the day and the last portage of the trip.  A great little walk down this 400 m path through the forest.

Our poor little cart at the end of the portages.  But it made it through all 10.6 km of portage.  Great job, Mark.

There were also grizzly tracks at the end of this portage.  Mark was checking them out when I burped.  He jumped, startled by the sound, thinking it was the bear.

Time to head out on Spectacle/Swan Lake.  But it is still foggy.  And this lake is a lot bigger.  Ok, let's travel by GPS.  Ummm.... Lindsay, you need to pay attention to the GPS when we can't see the shore as a reference.  We're not going in a straight line.

Boy, is it ever shallow here.  I kept banging my paddle against the sand.

And suddenly the fog lifts and we paddle into the clear.  This is a view from where we came.

Our dwarf friend is traveling on to the lonely mountain.

We stopped at the picnic shelter for lunch.  While we ate, Mark carved an axe to hang on the wall with the other travelers' trinkets.

Paddling up the lake.  What a beautiful day. 

We decided to make it to the little cabin for our last night.  But the map was a little unclear about how to get there.  Let's try this way.... there's a channel marker.  Ummmm....  there's a beaver dam.  But the marker indicates this is the way to go....?....  Ok, let's go over the beaver dam.  Everyone out of the boat.  Balance carefully on the sticks.  Float the boat over.  Time to get back in.  See any angry beaver?  No?  Good.  Wow, there are a lot of dams in this marsh land at the end of the lake.

We made it to the cabin.

Mark chopped some wood for the wood stove. 

The inside of the cabin.  The walls were covered in carvings.

We didn't even have to sign our names.  Someone already had.  (we excuse their typo)

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