Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit Day 1: Portage, Portage, Portage

Today's Travel: Portage - Kibbee Lake - Portage - Indian Point Lake - Portage

Km Paddled: 9.2                 Km Portaged: 6.0           Total Km traveled: 15.2

Ok, New day.  Let's try this again...

We are in (drum roll please)...

It is a great day to start an adventure.

After a quick breakfast of oatmeal and some repacking (just in case the cart breaks - I want the food to be easily carried), we headed back to the start of the trail. With the canoe on the cart and our packs on our back we started off.  10 m... 50 m...  100 m...  We're further than we were yesterday :)

2.4 km later....   After a slow and steady uphill trip with minimal cart issues (some swinging out of the supports that required frequent readjusting), we made it to the first body of water - Kibbee Lake.

  As we paddled through the marsh, an eagle flew by.  The sun shone on the vegetation resulting in gold all around us.
 The mountains around Kibbee Lake rose up around us.

Looking back down Kibbee Lake after our 2.4 km paddle.  Now for a bite to eat and another portage.

 Heading along the second portage of the day.  This one is only 2.0 km and will lead us to Indian Point Lake.  With some extra rope on the canoe cart, this was a much easier portage for us.

I need a break.

High ho! High ho!  Along the trail we go!

To Indian Point Lake!

More mountains.  And we're going to paddle right into them.

 Mark took apart the canoe cart and we loaded up the canoe for our 6.8 km paddle.

 What a great calm day to be out in a canoe.

What a beautiful day.
  Gnome dude in an upside down world.  Now those are reflections.
 Another marsh to paddle through at the end of the lake.  So calm and peaceful.  We drank it in before reloading the canoe for the third and last portage of the day.  1.6 km to go to get to the campsite.

We arrived at our campsite (#10) with time to enjoy the view down Issac Lake West Arm.  After using balsam fir pitch on lichen as a fire starter for our fire, a delicious dinner of Pad Thai and a nice relaxing evening, we curled up in our sleeping bag and drifted off to the sound of the barred owl hooting nearby.

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