Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit Day 7: Returning Home

Today's Travel: Bowron River - Bowron Lake
Km Paddled: 11.2    Km Portaged: 0 (except dock to the car)   Total Km Traveled:  117. 6

We woke up on our last morning to a frosty landscape.

Mark boiled up some water for oatmeal.

Good bye little cabin.  We had a great trip.

Now to paddle the 4 km along the Bowron River to Bowron Lake.  Our Gnome had a great trip too.

Lots more beaver lodges were spotted along the river today too.  But no actual beaver.

Looking back from whence we came.

One last snack on Bowron Lake.  One last look at the mountains from the water.  

 The end dock.  Time to load up the car and head home.  Wow!  What an absolutely fantastic trip. 

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