Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit Day 4: Emerging From the Fog

Today's Travels: McLeary Lake - Cariboo River - Lanezi Lake - Cariboo River - Sandy Lake

Km Paddled:  23.7           Km Portaged: 0            Total Km Traveled: 81.1 

Today we woke up to fog.  Thick, thick fog.  We couldn't see the lake, let alone the mountains, from the cabin.  Although we could see the moon up above us in the sky. Probably not the best idea to venture out towards the river in the fog...  especially since the brochure reads "Be alert that navigating the Cariboo River requires care and attention. Submerged dead heads and sweepers are the main hazards."

Hmmm,  sounds like we should probably wait until we can see before heading out.

So we sit and wait.  Mark spent the time sharpening the knives.

Finally the fog lifted and the mountains reappeared.

So we set out across the remaining 700 m of McLeary Lake.  There we found the swift moving waters of the Cariboo River.  Time to find the safest course through the river.
How shallow is that spot coming up?  Which direction should we veer? What...  bump, bump, scrap.....  stop.   Ummm... I think this gravel bar is pretty shallow, and we're only 150 m into the 5.2 km river stretch....  Lift up with the paddles, and... we're off.  Now look out for the dead heads.

Find the right current.  Let's go!   

What a fun ride down the river.  Some spots had good current and there were lots of riffles.  While the fog was gone, some area still had mist rising off the water, giving the area an eery feel.  The eery sounds made by some of the bobbing sweepers added to the atmosphere.

But through it all we had great teamwork in our canoe.  I think all newly weds should try paddling down rivers together.  It builds communication much more than any lake ever could.

Then the river just flattens out, gets wide and enters into Lanezi Lake.  The clear waters of the river gave way to the silty aquamarine waters of the lake.  And the eagle flew by.

The fog lifted off the lake as we drew nearer, allowing us to enjoy the reflections in the blue-green waters.

Time to have a little lunch and look back whence we came...

and where we're going.

Every family needs a mountain.  I found my family's on Lanezi Lake.

Welcome to Bryan's Peak!

Complete with delicious tasting waterfalls.

Paddling through Paradise.

Gorgeous mountains were on all sides of this 14.8 km long lake. 

We just had to stop for one last look at the mountains before our journey would take us back to the foothills.

From here we paddled another 1.2 km down the Cariboo River and 1.7 km on Sandy Lake before finding campsite 37a for the night.

There was even time for Mark to have a quick 'swim',  though the water was so shallow it was more of a wade and splash.

After dinner, we gazed at the stars and found Andromeda, Pegasus and Hercules.  Then we cuddled in to read an Agatha Christie novel.

Good night from Sandy Lake.

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